An Unmedicated Bad Trip

by The Psychodox

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Listening to this album may have various side effects. Side effects may include, but are not limited to: headaches, dizziness, jaundice, nosebleeds, temporary demonic possession, shitting of the brain, fainting, speaking in tongues, the illusion of being intoxicated, the illusion of being high, the illusion of being intoxicated and high at the same time, vivid hallucinations, transportation to alternate dimensions, the uncontrollable desire to fuck in space, lucid dreams, sleep tremors, out of body experiences, complete destruction of the psyche, and various symptoms of death may occur.

Well, maybe not the death part. If that happens, it's not the album, just natural selection.


released June 13, 2015

Fictional Credits:

Paradox: vocals, guitar, keys, bass, drums
Abstract: vocals, talkbox
Oblivious: vocals

Actual Credits:

J. Paradox shouts various words, speaks in tongues through possessive instrumentation, deviously manipulates the quadruple and sextuple wired objects, and destroys the everlasting shit out of metallic-based skin.

"An Unmedicated Bad Trip" was recorded with probably too much alcohol to remember in the Doom Room in the odd hours of the night somewhere between late March and early June of 2015.

Volume levels were viciously tweaked by J. Paradox himself. If you need a reminder, there's only one miserable son of a bitch doing any of this.



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The Psychodox Cleveland, Ohio

Encyclopedia Metallum approved.

One insane idiot's road trip through the psychedelia-tinged world of heavy riffs and mass distortion.

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Track Name: The Tacit Scream of the Victim
Wake up and smell the hatred
Deny everything you hear
When you call out for help
No one will ever be near

The lost cause you are is all you ever will be
The darkness in your heart is lit by something unseen

One bad trip and you're victimized
One bad thought and there goes your life
One bad thing will happen each night
Your worst enemy is your mind

Is your fear real?

The lost cause you are is all you ever will be
The darkness in your heart is lit by something unseen

I can't hear you anymore

We couldn't hear you anyway

Your mind is going away
There's really nothing left of it
When you scream as loud as you can
You'll see no one gives a shit

Can't save yourself
Can't alter hell

Not killing me
Killing you …off

The last thing I wanna hear
Is about how much you fucked up
We know and no one will hear
The tacit scream of the victim
And that is you

You're going down
"We'll give you a "proper" send-off, asshole."
Track Name: As Distress Is Destroyed
Corrode my mental state
Make me less irate
Before it becomes too late
There's one thing I need you to take
This stress I don't need
Please take it from me
I'm done with it, can't you see
Set me and my mind free
Save me from my hell

Enhance the dopamine
Destroy the wicked scene
The slate once again clean
Once it's all taken away from me
This stress I don't need
Please take it from me
I'm done with it, can't you see
Set me and my mind free
Save me from my hell

Free me from this prison
I've done nothing wrong
As distress is destroyed
I am so far gone
Track Name: Hemophiliac Sky
Bleeding from far up high
The rain will last through the night
That's no rift in the sky
That's one killer stab wound
That isn't blood that drips
That is liquid doom

The ground beneath the sky
The deficiency of the mind
In your time of dying
What can you do
In this world crying
The emptiness is all that's left of you

Bleeding and it won't die
The rift is expanding in the sky
All that's left is death
Welcome it with open arms
All that's left is hell
Let it take its form
We're all going down
Track Name: Entrance of the Drone
In this barren atmosphere
It comes and silence it will fear
White noise and lucid dreams
Breaking it off at the seams
Welcome to hell, your favorite cell

The soothing sound of silence
Has long been forgotten
The murdering deafening noise
Is strangling you till you're destroyed
Droning, droning, droning on and on

All it wants is a silent place to take over
All it was, was a demon that hovered

Takes the shape of what it wants
Possession comes at once
And we're no longer alone
With the entrance of the drone
Track Name: Trial of the Drone
The sound of fear, the fear of sound
The silent walls, no longer around

The light in darkness is a fading light
The sound in silence will never fight
Against the drone who breathes in sound
Who dies with us?

Silence is down, it's going down

The growing volume destroys your mind
The faintness is gone as well as time

The fading light
Won't guide you anywhere
Not today

Silence is lost at all good cost
Silence is down, it's dead by sound

You can't change what they say out of fear
You only hear what you think you want to hear
Every fucking day your mind don't change
Track Name: Demise of the Drone
Goodbye to you
You did all that you had to
You tore it all down
You redefined sound

You changed it all

And now you're gone