The Groot Burial Riff

by The Psychodox

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I originally recorded "The Groot Burial Riff" sometime in 2014, and it was a hellish masterpiece, but it never had a proper release, so here it is now with updated drums, bass and effects. With it comes the full version of "Flaw and Disorder," a Pink Floyd-esque Maggot Brain style acid trip. Three tracks. An hour long ride into the bowels of Hell with nothing but a rusty razor and a dry wit, and possibly a demonically sized psyche.


released October 31, 2015

J. Paradox - vocals, guitar, bass, drums



all rights reserved


The Psychodox Cleveland, Ohio

Encyclopedia Metallum approved.

One insane idiot's road trip through the psychedelia-tinged world of heavy riffs and mass distortion.

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Track Name: The Groot Burial Riff: Part I
Near infinite years ago
Before the sand met the water
And the marionettes were far from ideal
To act on behalf of the slaughter
When all has bypassed the world
Far beyond condemnation
As the eyes sink not into skulls
Representative of desperation

The paradox breathes in death
The contradictor he is
The abstract is the one who tore
The world from this
And a rift opens

I am the Paradox
But not I am the Abstract
I am all of my time
World is cracked

Spanning the days of old
When before had no precursor
When after was indefinite
No need for the next nurser
Space and time became corrupt
Of the paradox I am not afraid
Allowance to traverse the future
And to trespass retrograde

Avoiding life
Avoiding death
Avoid the choke
Avoid the breath

If thine eyes refused to view
If thine ears refused to listen
If thine mouth refused to speak
The truth shall be slipping away...
The emptiness in time and space
The imminent fall from grace

The day you witness the battle of two
One will win and one shall fall to their doom
Crawling and writhing with the last shred of life
Ripped from its hands and set into flight

This space and time gig, it's almost like it's
Watching a Cerebrus
Burn Yggdrasil to the ground
Poseidon makes ash of the beast
And Odin strikes him down
Its like watching Hell freeze over
And then watching Heaven melt
Rewriting the laws of fate
With the newest cards they dealt

The sky fights the ground
And the earth dies down
Time never cared
Time couldnt spare (me)

I need to kill time
The illusion of misery
A beast that's always feeding
On souls and blackened hearts
Time is not the fondest part
Negative space is all to see
With the illusion of misery
The universe is not mindful
To your request for no reminder
Of everything you hated
Of time wished sedated
All space and time
Will hurt your mind
Track Name: The Groot Burial Riff: Part II
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to bury the essence of what once was in hopes that it will rise from the grave, return to its normal state and sustain life.

Lacrimosa dies illa, qua resurget ex fa villa
Judicondus homo reus, huic ergo parce, Deus
Pie Jesu domine, dona eis requiem

Once the Paradox makes a deal with the Abstract
Oblivious, there is no turning back

We control space, we control time
We murder death, we allow life
We are no Gods, no deity
No question, how came you or me
This existential crisis living
Day to day contemplating
Killing off those in waiting
Answers given, phone still ringing

But who am I?
But who am I to you
To any of you,
Who am I?
Well I know...

I am the Paradox
But I am not the Abstract
I am all of my time
World is cracked

I am the Paradox
A walking fucking contradiction

Space time love hate dysfunction
You live to die in dysfunction junction

We're never really dead
Its all in our heads
Steal the Ferryman's boat
Straight to the crossroads
That rift will bring you back

I am the Paradox
Track Name: The Disorderly Aeons
So I have sat through two decades of hate
In aeons of silence I wait
I've never seen what you call law and order
It's always been flaw and disorder

Go say your prayer to your empty sky
The universe cares not for you and I, so fuck it