The Mind Is a Labyrinth

by The Psychodox

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"Listening to this shit makes me wanna yell at people outside my house wearing a pope hat made of a 24 pack box."
-Jack Blesus, Pathfinder Limited

"I know I get drunk a lot, but I don't remember making this monster."
-Satan, Hell

"So, the last time I burnt one to an album over an hour, I just finished listening to Dopesmoker and enjoyed taking a massive shit."
-Jesus Christ, Super Best Friends

"This album sucks."
-J. Paradox


released October 13, 2015

J. Paradox contributed unusually tuned throat spasms and destruction of six-stringed machines. Additional conspiracy planning was brought to you by Dr. DIsasturbator, who forcefully molested a quadruple-stringed electrical appliance against its will to rather pleasing results. DJ Cold Spirit provided electronic dysfunction and other strange cuts of audio information, also providing the destruction of metallic skins.

I'm fucking with you. J. Paradox did vocals, guitar, bass, talkbox and drums and literally everything on this record.


No special guests. Light one up.



all rights reserved


The Psychodox Cleveland, Ohio

Encyclopedia Metallum approved.

One insane idiot's road trip through the psychedelia-tinged world of heavy riffs and mass distortion.

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Track Name: Clairvoyant Wisdom Shit
Forever is all I see

The mind is a beautiful thing
But it can be a nightmare
The mind is a labyrinth
Where ideas can go nowhere
The thoughts that circle within my head
Need to be set free
I have to release the demons within
If I ever want to be

The future I foresee
Lies within epiphany
Somewhere part of me
Is seeking its release
Release me

I could see it all if I was ever free
It's time to let it go
Let it go
I could become the elusive me
It's time to let it show
Let it show through

The misery trashing me
The agony building beneath

The future remains a mystery
If I ever could ever see
Can't see
Thought provoked release
Seems the sweetest thing
Come forth epiphany

The evil that lurks in the past
Will be cured at last

Free me

The mind cannot destroy me
Even my wildest dreams
The mind is the strangest thing
Ripped apart at the seams
The thoughts that circle within my head
Need to be set free
I have to release the demons within
If I ever want to be

All I want is to be free
And to solve this mystery
For once and for all
My clairvoyance ends sweet

I'm free
Track Name: The Abstract Death
I have become lost somewhere in time
Something out there has stolen my mind
I don't know who I am and I don't know why
The walls are closing in, am I going to die?

I am the unseen
I am a bad dream

I have died ten billion times
And I reek of shitstained flies
To have become the personified
Being of eternal demise

Why was it me, what does it mean?
Who am I and what did I use to be?
The existentialism is killing me
My mind is stolen and nowhere to be seen

I am the one they all fear
I feed on their tears
I am depleting their years
I am the abstract death


I watch the sky
I watch the ground
But so unseen
I cannot be found

I don't believe in you
You don't believe in me
I will never be there
I will remain unseen
I have become hate
Track Name: Self-Proclaimed Paradox
I was born in the sky beneath the ground
I was there for the deformation of sound
They all disappear they become nothing in time

I have seen the bleakest future
I have seen heads covered in sutures
What you think you know you never fucking knew at all

You think you know who you are?
You weren't a thing

If you were around back through time
You could see the continuum unwind
I have been there and never been
I am a paradox within

"So my future self and my past self met each other at complete accident and got in a fight with eachother instead of reasoning like normal people, and so now I'm stuck as a construct in the middle of fucking nowhere. If anyone can help me locate myself and bring me back to wherever, call me at ... shit, there's no service out here. I'm fucked. Fuck."

I don't believe when I was around
The sky was ever over the ground
It all disappears and becomes nothing in time
Revert to the ground being above the sky
Track Name: To Hell With "Oblivion"
To Hell with Oblivion

I built this world on my own
This is my shithole home
I am my own hell
My mind is my cell
Leave me alone

To Hell with Oblivion

The world you loathe is only as bad
As you want it to be
Why create a hell you hate
Make it your everything

I cast you out

To Hell with Oblivion

This world is mine
I cast you out

This is my hell
And I love it
Track Name: Spiteful Spirit Situation
From the ashes arisen
Ash into life
I'm so frustrated I'm summoned
I was deep in sleep
Now I shall steal the light
Bring it into the darkness
Where it won't breathe right
Didn't anyone ever tell you
To let sleeping dogs lie

Now you're in Hell
Don't fuck with the dead
Track Name: The Monster Underground
So it crawls around with a wretched smile
What is its deal?
If the acid doesn't wear off
Then it must be real

This is no fairy tale
You can't wish it away
The monster underground
Is starting to show its face
No gods no kings
Only man and its pest
Haunting you for life
Since it won't die like the rest

Digging under your skin
And thrashing about
Whenever it shows its face
It gets so loud

Get it away
Don't let it breathe
Track Name: The Fight of Your Life
You do battle
Like the harvester of cattle
You duel like said animal

In pieces
You'll be dressed in my weapon
Light control
Must cease to happen

I have discovered
This world's treasure
No ornament
Some pathetic garment

I sense I'm forced to vomit
In your presence
I'm sure someone
Has done so in yours

The script for your foulness
Does not exist
It occurs
You fail to know these words

Thievery gets you wet
Track Name: A Devil On Its Own
Wrath lust gluttony
Sloth pride greed and envy
They've labeled these all deadly
Yet there's one they're forgetting

And it's a devil on its own, oh no

It toys with you in its game
You reach for it when you're in pain
The fatal facade all darkness aside
I will not speak its name
Haven't since that day

It's used to cope with fear
Its presence can't be promised near
It lies to you and does it clean
It doesn't leave a pretty scene

No fault for having failed you
No guilt for letting you down

It's a devil on its own, and its name is...
Track Name: How to Distort Reality 101
Welcome, please seat yourself
It's time to learn a little about the game
I cannot change the picture
But you all can modify the frame
I'll give you booze, I'll give you drugs
Can't promise !@#*, can't promise love
You'll open doors, maybe bang whores
You'll be crawling back for so much more

Your mind is your eye
And I warped your mind
The pills you are given
They're placebos for your sight
Look at it the way you want
Forever it all goes down
You have drained reality
Built your fantasy

Enter your mind all realigned
This new design will fuck you up
No limit seen beyond your dreams
And you will never have enough
Take all you want if it is there
If it's too perfect you can leave
But you're so entwined inside your mind
That you forget you're in a dream

(That's the last time I take acid from strangers.)

Your dreams become nightmarish
Come to mind
The end results are scary

Tied down and dried, ready to cry
Your mind is suffering the true
Stolen yourself and thrown in hell
Never knew what you were to do
There's no way out now that you're in
And you can never say goodbye
But if you die inside your dream
You're gonna die, there goes your life
Track Name: The Mind Is a Labyrinth
Up, down, left, right

Up to something
Down in the ground
Left with nothing
Right now

Friend or foe. you'll never know
Which side to go? Where's the road?
Caught in the midst of your own thoughts
With no signs to lead you
You're so lost
Your soul lost

I don't know where to go
I just want to go home
I don't know what to be
I just want to be me

Am I so wrong
To choose that path that seems so gone
It's all I know and it is my home

Up to something like I always am
I don't know why, no explanation, man
Down in the ground, that's how I feel
Twelve feet under beyond real
Left with nothing, no surprise there
There's emptiness and I don't care
Right now I'm pacing around
Inside my head, I'm going down

Life is a game, a puzzle and a maze
There's one way to escape
But I'm not going out that way

Can't wish it all away
This shit is here to stay
We could solve it your way
But I'd like to live another day
We could solve this my way
And tomorrow might be okay

Destroy your brain, your mind is in pain
There's everything within your reach

You are in control of yourself
Don't ever let somebody change you
You are in control of yourself
Don't ever let anyone shape you
You are in control of your life
You decide who gets to stay behind
You are in control of your life
You decide who shall be left to die

If you can't take it
Then fucking change it
If you hate it
Then fucking take it out
If you hate it so bad
Make room for what you want

Everything else is null

The only one who can save you is yourself